Who is Captain Possible? 

I have been building and redesigning spaces for nearly 25 years. Through my experiences remodeling homes, condominiums and lofts, I have seen why good design is a benefit for those who are working on a space as well as for those who inhabit them. What I know for sure is that I enjoy making spaces for people that make them happy.

I want to provide a great experience during the building process, one where 'the outcome exceeds your vision and everyone in it is inspired by possibility.   To achieve that, it made sense that I gather a team of craftsmen around me, who are also really good people, to help create your space.  Over the years, my quiver of craftsmen I can call upon or who can call upon me has grown.

Participating in creative endeavors inspires me. If you’re a local to Bend you could have seen a few of my Winterfest snow sculptures or one of my collaborations with other artists for the non-profit Base Camp Studio’s annual “Painting Marathon” fund raiser. Telling stories within the venue, “Ignite Bend," I hoped to inspire children and adults through my presentation entitled “100 30-minute Frogs. A Story of Redemption: one Frog at a time."

You may also see me with my family – walking or hiking our dog, Biscuit, or riding our mountain bikes, playing on the river, going up to the lakes or snowboarding at Mt. Bachelor, and we spend some time doing yoga too.

I grew up in North Dakota, spent some years in Aspen, CO, and since 2009 have been creating living spaces that both my clients and I are proud of right here in Bend, Oregon.


Captain Possible, Inc. is a licensed, bonded and insured contractor in Bend, Oregon.






Kitchen Remodel

We are ecstatic with the quality of the work that you performed while renovating our condominium. Your attention to detail is evident throughout the entire unit. We have received many compliments from renters as well as from the management staff on the kitchen fit and finish. The condominium recently completed it's semiannual Inspection and Rating Report done by an outside consultant for the entire complex. Our unit was rated Deluxe and the evaluators said that our unit is "definitely the best unit in the complex."

- Dr. Charles, retired

Condo Remodel

Pauly has a real gift for seeing the diamond in the rough and taking a project to fruition. His tremendous attention to detail is apparent in my home. Pauly definately has a keen eye for quality. Lastly and possibly most important of all, Pauly's experience and foresight saved me money and time as he simply works with you and your budget. I know I was lucky to have his expertise when remodeling my home.
- Catherine, triathlete and equestrian

Office and Storage

We asked Captain Possible if he could convert our single car garage into a home office and create some storage for all our bikes and gear. He asked all the right questions, steered us in all the right directions and the result was amazing. We still show it off to all our house guests. Pauly has a stellar spectrum of skills and pays incredible attention to detail. He went above and beyond... even doing some touch up painting around the exterior of our house. I wouldn't hesitate recommending him for anything from the simplest of things to the most complex building challenges.
- Jen & Geoff, professionals and parents

Rental Refreshers

Captain Possible, Pauly, did 3 remodels on old westside rental homes for us this summer...they were horrible and we were on a strict budget. Pauly listened and came in full speed to get it done quickly so we didn't lose rent, and stayed on budget. He had all his tools organized and kept things clean and organized every night. He worked with both personalities of Mike and me and we would both recommend him 100% to anyone.
- Mike & Debbie



Art Studio

Wanted to thank you again for all your efforts on our art room. At this moment in time, every square inch is being used for one project or another from a huge picture on my big easel to the top of the work bench which holds various glass pieces in states of completion to my desk which is full of more glasses being finished for shipping. It is perfect. Oh yes the canvas and paper cabinet you built is worth its weight in gold.........and we all know how heavy THAT hummer is.....flashes of you and Jim moving it into place.
This has made my life and Jim's so much easier.
- Sue, painter and retired Schoolteacher